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Exploring the Top Golf Courses in the UK, A Golfer's Guide

Golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience in the United Kingdom have a plethora of world-class courses to choose from. Let's delve into the details of some of the top golf courses in the UK, exploring their challenges, fun factors, and accommodations. Regardless of what golf resorts in the UK you stay at, you're sure to have fun at any of these golf courses. Ok let's start off with these top 10 golf courses and golf resorts in the UK. These are not in any order as everyone's skill and wants are different.

  1. Royal St. George's Golf Club - Kent, England:
    • Difficulty: Known for its challenging layout with unpredictable winds and undulating fairways, Royal St. George's offers a test for golfers of all skill levels.
    • Fun Factor: The mix of challenging holes and scenic views makes for an enjoyable experience. While there isn't an on-site hotel, various charming accommodations in the town of Sandwich provide a local touch.
  2. Royal Birkdale Golf Club - Southport, England:
    • Difficulty: Royal Birkdale's tough links course, with deep bunkers and challenging greens, is a true test for skilled players.
    • Fun Factor: Despite its difficulty, the stunning coastal setting adds to the enjoyment. While the course lacks on-site accommodations, Southport provides convenient hotel options.
  3. Muirfield - East Lothian, Scotland:
    • Difficulty: Muirfield's challenging layout demands precision and strategy, with tight fairways and well-protected greens.
    • Fun Factor: Golfers appreciating a strategic challenge and traditional links experience will find Muirfield enjoyable. Numerous charming hotels in nearby Gullane offer comfortable stays.
  4. Royal Troon Golf Club - Ayrshire, Scotland:
    • Difficulty: Royal Troon's challenging links course features tough bunkers and coastal winds, creating a formidable test for golfers.
    • Fun Factor: Stunning views of the Ayrshire coast enhance the overall enjoyment. While on-site lodging is unavailable, Troon and nearby areas offer a range of accommodation options.
  5. Sunningdale Golf Club - Berkshire, England:
    • Difficulty: Sunningdale's Old and New Courses present a fair challenge, combining narrow fairways and strategic play.
    • Fun Factor: The club's reputation for tradition and playability makes for a delightful experience. Accommodations are available in nearby Ascot and Sunningdale.
  6. Carnoustie Golf Links - Angus, Scotland:
    • Difficulty: Known as one of the toughest courses globally, Carnoustie's Championship Course features challenging bunkers and demanding conditions.
    • Fun Factor: While challenging, playing Carnoustie is rewarding. The on-site Carnoustie Golf Hotel provides convenient access and beautiful coastal views.
  7. Royal Liverpool Golf Club - Hoylake, England:
    • Difficulty: Royal Liverpool's links layout can be challenging, especially in windy conditions, offering a good test for golfers.
    • Fun Factor: Historical significance and coastal views contribute to an enjoyable round. Hoylake provides various comfortable lodging options.
  8. Wentworth Golf Club - Surrey, England:
    • Difficulty: The West Course at Wentworth is a challenging layout with tree-lined fairways and strategically placed hazards.
    • Fun Factor: The prestigious course design adds to the excitement. While on-site accommodations are unavailable, luxury hotels in Virginia Water and Ascot offer convenience.
  9. Trump Turnberry, Ailsa Course - Ayrshire, Scotland:
    • Difficulty: The Ailsa Course is challenging, with iconic holes along the coastline and a demanding layout.
    • Fun Factor: Spectacular coastal views and a historical setting enhance the overall enjoyment. The Trump Turnberry hotel offers a world-class stay.
  10. Royal Aberdeen Golf Club - Aberdeen, Scotland:
    • Difficulty: Royal Aberdeen's links course features challenging bunkers and undulating fairways, providing a true links test.
    • Fun Factor: The traditional Scottish links experience, coupled with North Sea views, makes playing here memorable. Various hotels in Aberdeen offer accommodation options.

Choosing the right golf course involves considering both the challenge and enjoyment factors, along with convenient accommodations. As golfers embark on a journey to these top UK courses, they are sure to find a perfect blend of skill-testing holes, breathtaking views, and comfortable stays. These golf courses are much different back in the US. For example if you golfed at the Edgewood golf resort you would playing at a higher elevation of around 7000 feet. The ball goes much farther at higher altitudes and you will most likely have less wind as say a links course style in England or Scotland.

A Touch of Humor on the Greens: Golf Jokes to Lighten Your Swing

  1. Why did the golfer bring two pairs of pants?
    • In case he got a hole in one!
  2. What do you call someone who golfs in a lightning storm?
    • A shocking golfer!
  3. Why don't golfers ever get mad?
    • Because they have too many strokes to get angry about just one

Once you have found your golf course now is a great time to book your hotel or golf resort in UK. The best price comparison can be found at focuses on 5 star golf resorts and golf courses.

Here are some of the top golf resorts in the UK above is Royal Troon Golf Club

Please keep in mind these are not rankings but these resorts are considered near or at 5 star golf resorts.

  1. Gleneagles Hotel - Auchterarder, Scotland:
    • Gleneagles is a luxury resort with three championship golf courses, including the famous PGA Centenary Course. The resort offers top-notch accommodations, spa facilities, and dining options.
  2. Trump Turnberry - Ayrshire, Scotland:
    • Set on the stunning Ayrshire coast, Trump Turnberry features the Ailsa Course, one of the most iconic in the world. The resort provides luxurious accommodations and excellent amenities.
  3. Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa - St Andrews, Scotland:
    • Located in the "Home of Golf," the Old Course Hotel offers spectacular views of the Old Course and provides a luxurious experience for golf enthusiasts.
  4. The Belfry Hotel & Resort - Sutton Coldfield, England:
    • Known for hosting the Ryder Cup multiple times, The Belfry is a premier golf destination with three championship courses and luxurious accommodations.
  5. Stoke Park - Buckinghamshire, England:
    • Stoke Park is a luxury resort with a historic golf course that has been featured in James Bond films. The estate offers not only golf but also spa facilities and exquisite dining.
  6. Turnberry Resort - Ayrshire, Scotland:
    • Turnberry, now a part of the Luxury Collection by Marriott, boasts the Ailsa Course and offers a luxurious stay with breathtaking views of the Irish Sea.
  7. Rockliffe Hall - County Durham, England:
    • Rockliffe Hall features a championship golf course and a five-star hotel. The resort offers a tranquil setting with a spa and fine dining options.
  8. Fairmont St Andrews - St Andrews, Scotland:
    • Nestled on a coastal cliff, Fairmont St Andrews offers two championship golf courses and luxurious accommodations overlooking the North Sea.
  9. Cameron House on Loch Lomond - Dunbartonshire, Scotland:
    • Situated on the banks of Loch Lomond, Cameron House offers a challenging golf course and a range of upscale accommodations and amenities.
  10. The Grove - Hertfordshire, England:
    • The Grove is a luxurious golf resort with an acclaimed course designed by Kyle Phillips. The estate includes a spa, restaurants, and elegant accommodations.

These golf resorts offer a combination of world-class golf courses, upscale accommodations, and additional amenities to ensure a memorable and luxurious golfing experience.Availability and offerings may vary, so it's recommended to check with each resort directly for the latest information and to make reservations you can start your search at the best website for online golf resorts in the world.

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